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This Japanese Man Loves Bugs So Much He Dates Them…And Then Eats Them

Otter Lee January 25, 2019 January 29th, 2019

Meet Shinohara Yuta, an entomophagist–someone who eats insects as food. His latest, most popular creation is a cricket ramen that he has served to thousands of happy, satisfied diners. His recipes specialize in heightening the natural flavorings of the insects through simplicity.

In an interview with Youtube channel AsianBoss, Yuta told what is, perhaps, the greatest love story of all time:  that between man and his cockroach.

Yuta loved nature and the great outdoors from an early age (he caught his first cicada at age 2), but he didn’t “come out” as an insect eater until he was 19 because of the social stigma. A 2013 World Health Organization report sponsored by the United Nations eventually convinced him that he should step forward. Insects were found to be an adequate source of protein and a potential solution to hunger and malnutrition around the world.

Yuta’s mother loved fostering his love of wildlife and nature in his childhood, though she admits that she didn’t know her boy was running around eating insects.

Still, she admits that she is happy to see her son doing something he is passionate about: “Knowing my son is taking his ow path makes me really happy.”

For those looking for a sweet spring treat, Yuta recommends caterpillars on cherry blossom trees because they taste sweet and fragrant like the leaves they devour. And if you’re worried about the hairy texture, that’s nothing a little boiling won’t alleviate.

Still, there are some creepy crawlies that won’t be fit for eating anytime soon. Yuta admits that beetle larva are just plain nasty because they only eat leaf mold.

In the most candid part of the interview with AsianBoss, Yuta admits to “dating” a female cockroach he named Lisa.

He felt very attached to her before her death from natural causes after a year. Of course, the best way for him to show his love for her was to eat her immediately.

While, Yuta would never attempt sexual intercourse with an insect because of the size difference, he has on occasion imagined a world where he could be smaller or his love bigger in order to appropriately couple. To this day, he has expressed no interested in human females.


Watch the full video on AsianBoss’s YouTube channel.