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Japanese Magician Performs Mind Blowing Audition On Britain’s Got Talent [Video]

Sophia Castany June 7, 2017 June 7th, 2017

Having traveled all the way from Japan, magician TanBa showed off an impressive (and, honestly, deeply worrying)  magic routine in front of the audience and the judges–including the ever-intimidating Simon Cowell–of Britain’s Got Talent. He starts off his routine by inflating an extra long red balloon and then proceeds to swallow it ENTIRELY without popping it. Right then and there everyone knew that this wasn’t your average birthday party or bar mitzvah magician.

He then continued with a little audience participation: pulling out a bowl of razor blades, he approaches Cowell to help him prove they are real. Cowell uses the blade to cut a piece of paper and to show the audience that it was indeed a very authentic and very sharp blade.

Against the wishes of judges Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon, TanBa takes the blade from Cowell then quickly swallows it and exclaims, “Yummy!”. The audience and judges wince in disbelief as he continues to eat another razor…and then another…and another until he finishes the bowl of blades. All while smiling and winking at the audience. Then randomly swallows a piece of paper, all the while looking very amused with himself.

Grimace-worthy to say the least (HIS THROAT?? HOW??), but no one seems to be able to look away.

The judges, completely unimpressed at first, can no longer seem to hide their astonishment. For TanBa’s final act, he pulls out a simpler object than the ones before: a small pile of string. He swallows the string and swishes it in his mouth for a bit before he proceeds to pull out all the razors that have been attached like a string of lights. Then he pulls out a long streamer that seems to be made out of the paper he swallowed earlier in his performance. Finally, he very carefully pulls out the balloon from earlier that remains intact. Everyone rises for a standing ovation as he proudly throws a fist in the air. Needless to say, this guy made it to the next round. He even managed to make Simon smile!

Take a look for yourself!

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