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Japanese Hospital Holds “Surgeon Tryouts” Involving Origami, Bugs, And Sushi

Katie Cannon April 28, 2016 June 19th, 2017

“All doctors are booksmart,” quoth the gravely baritone that narrates Kurashiki Central Hospital’s “Surgeon Tryouts” promotional video. “But they don’t cut us open with books.”

“Our lives literally lie in their hands.”

So you’d hope those hands are steady.

Kurashiki Central Hospital wants to make sure that their doctors have the surgical chops to bolster their book knowledge, so they created a series of challenges to test the dexterity and precision of their potential hires.

Sounds like a simple game of Operation would do the trick, right? But Kurashiki had other ideas–ideas involving origami, bugs, and sushi.

Check it out:

Source: 9gag.