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This Japanese Company Wants You To Marry Your Anime Waifu

Otter Lee November 23, 2017 November 23rd, 2017

Get ready to mix work with play!

Gatebox Lab is an up-and-coming Japanese tech company, but it appears they aren’t only interested in studying electronics or technological advancements. The company has made plenty of breakthroughs in the fields of virtual reality and hologram, but now they’re exploring the ~romantic~ realm.

Gatebox is currently looking for employees that are in love–but applicants can’t be involved with someone from the physical world.

The company is specifically asking for otaku and diehard fans who are madly in love with their favorite anime and video game character waifus to join their staff. The special perks include an additional stipend of 5000 yen (roughly $40) and having the ability to take your waifu or husbando’s birthday off as a work holiday.

3D characters, inhuman characters like elves , and science-fiction type like robots are aliens are all fair game. No word on any age restrictions, but it we’re assuming they’ll limit applications to fictional lovers of a legal age.

Still, the company isn’t looking for an otaku orgy. You’re only allowed to marry a single character via their company forms. No harem anime!!! But again, actual marriages to actual living, breathing people won’t bequeath any work benefits.

The annual company holiday parties are sure to be lively if not a little stilted because half of everyone there will be on pieces of cardboard, glass display cases, or computer screens.

Still, it’s nice that Gatebox Labs will be paying people for their kinks instead of firing, shaming, and ostracizing them like most other employers would if they discovered such behavior. It wouldn’t do if a company that has made so many advancements to waifu and husbando technology wouldn’t let their employees reap the same sweet sweet relationship rewards.


Via Kotaku