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This Japanese Celebrity Just Announced She’s Looking For A “Lover” On Instagram

Otter Lee December 6, 2017 August 20th, 2019

The Kano sisters, Kyoko and Mika, are a Japanese celebrity double act. Famous since the 90’s for appearing on television as well as their own line of sexy exercise videos, erotic calendars, collectible fashion cards. and–more recently–cosplay (always in as little clothing without being completely naked as possible), the duo’s true ages and whether or not they are actually sisters remains to be seen. They even have a 3rd sister who they don’t really talk about anymore.

The two perfectly embody the Japanese word “tarento,” meaning celebrity. Just like in the West, many tarento are simply famous for being famous rather than any recognizable talent or accomplishment.

Recently, Mika’s antics stunned her fans when she took to social media to find herself a new boyfriend or lover.

Matter-of-fact as ever, Mika posted the following statement on Instagram.

By the way, I’m looking for friends who can potentially become my lover. I’ll talk more about it on Instagram, but basically it’s for a limited time only. Girls are just as welcome to be my friends. Just to be sure, this only applies to people older than 18 years of age. If you’re interested, let’s discuss the details there.

True fans of the Kano Sisters will recall that Mika posted an even racier image with the same request earlier this year.

Amidst sensual hashtags like #precious,  #kiss,  #angel, #sexynight, #Bathroom, #heaven, and #love, Mika wrote the following offer “The bath time of a busty angel is sweet and heavenly. I’m looking for friends older than 18 years old to become my partner.

Evidently, she’s still looking and still a busty angel!.

We may never know what sorts of smutty dms Mika received for her requests, but with so many hot photos, who could resist for a chance at “love” with her?

Aside from (again) close-to-nude selfies, the Kano Sisters also frequently post their experiences in food, fashion,and sisterhood.

Well, what are YOU waiting for?

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