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J-Pop Boy Band’s New MV Is Just Them Kissing Each Other For 4 Minutes Straight [Video]

Katie Cannon April 17, 2017 October 5th, 2017
Even Fleetwood Mac has nothing on Mesamoa, the J-pop group taking interband smooches to whole new levels of softly-lit sexual angst.


Mesamoa originally formed in 2012 as Morning Musumen, a 9-member all-male cover band for popular girl group Morning Musume. Now they’ve rebranded and released an album of their own originals, with a headline-making schtick: kissing each other! Like, a lot.


No tongue, though.


All the macking unfolds in the new music video for the first single from their debut album, “Shadow Kiss.” In it, there’s all the requisite dancing and sultry camera-staring, but every 6 seconds, one of the band members tenderly kisses another band member.


Seriously. Over the course of the 3:58 video, there’s a grand total of 36 kisses. THESE GUYS AREN’T MESSING AROUND.


They’ve obviously consulted their manual of fangirl-approved tropes, showing off an impressive variety of kissing positions, tones, and contexts. There’s mouth-to-mouth makeouts, sweet cheek kisses, gentle forehead pecks, thrilling foot smooches, neck and chest nibbles, and even some v. suggestive thigh stuff.


Clearly the video’s meant to attract the attention of rabid yaoi/boy’s love anime fangirls, who are already going nuts sharing  gifs and screenshots on social media. Others are less than aroused–Oh No They Didn’t called the video “least sensual erotica you’ve seen since accidentally coming across a Larry’s photo manip tumblr.” They also slammed the band for blatant queerbaiting.


We tend to agree with ONTD; unless the group members are actually gay, the whole video smacks of appropriation, capitalizing on the “taboo” of queer identities to get publicity.
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