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Japanese Artists Draw Anime-Style WONDER WOMAN Fanart

Otter Lee July 13, 2017 August 20th, 2019

2017’s Wonder Woman charged through the American box office and shattered records as the highest grossing film directed by a woman, as well as the largest opening for a female-led comic book movie. But Wonder Woman actually has not yet actually been released in Japan–she won’t start dazzling in the Land of the Rising Sun until late into the summer, on August 25th.

To get Japanese audiences super hyped for Wonder Woman‘s Japanese debut, Warner Bros has commissioned some of Japan’s most celebrated and talented artists to use their abilities to craft super-powered fanart of the American icon. It’s like an entire Justice League of drawing and animating talent!

Sushio, the character designer of smash hit Kill La Kill had an adorable take on the super heroine. Hoisted up by her playful buddy Superman (who looks hunkier and more defined than ever), Wonder Woman’s inherent love of peace is represented through a flock of doves. Her boots, skirt,and flowing hair make her look like a crimefighting senshi. There’s also a bald eagle flying to her right to symbolize good ‘ol American patriotism.

Akemi Takada of Patlabor, Creamy Mami, and Urusei Yatsura among other numerous credits dials up the sweetness even more with a doe-eyed, pastel colored Wonder Woman you might find in the shojo section of your favorite manga store.

For those looking for a more intense Diana, Yoji Shinkawa of the legendary Metal Gear series gave Wonder Woman harsh, mechanical military armor. She’s as elegant as can be for someone who has the power to mow down entire armies with her sheer strength.


Shingo Adachi, the character designer for the anime incarnation of Sword Art Online deftly balances badass and pretty. His Wonder Woman has that cool older sister look. When the dust clears, you know she’ll be standing strong with a cool grin.

And Yuko Yamaguchi who has been drawing Hello Kitty since the 80’s gave the Japanese cultural icon a tough yet stylish Wonder Woman makeover. If they make a plush toy version, I’ll buy twenty!

We’re over a month away from the premiere and tons more fan art has been promised! I can’t wait to see what these Wonder Woman wizards whip up next!


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