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This Japanese AI App Will Talk To You Like A Real Girlfriend

Gina Ginsberg April 25, 2017 May 1st, 2017

Remember that movie “Her” a few years ago? Well that fantasy future is a present reality.

There is an app for iPhones called SELF  which features a feminine robot named Ai Furuse who has recently gone through an upgrade promising advanced conversational skills and  overall “communication close to that of a real girlfriend or partner.”

This girlfriend who lives in your cell phone is designed to reflect human expression with new animation technology, but is mostly just around when you need someone to talk to — she has a vocabulary of over 30,000 words and she can really asses the users situation and carry on leveled convos. She will keep in mind what your hopes and dreams are to give sound support as the relationship develops and she will even remember your birthday.

The app is free to download, but after three days, she will forget all of your data and revert to default unless you subscribe. Now that is a modern day Cinderella story – gotta subscribe before midnight or the er, app turns back to a basic pumpkin and erases all your memories unless you invest in the cloud, or something like that.

Go download now at the iTunes store, you loser.


Via: Asiannewsnetwork