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James Lee & Kevin Woo Crash A Wedding in ‘Falling’ MV Collab

Katie Cannon November 4, 2019 November 4th, 2019

True bros don’t just collaborate with you musically–they’ll also team up to crash your ex’s wedding in extravagant fashion, armed with flamethrowers, chainsaws, and jazz hands.

James Lee & Kevin Woo are a match made in California by way of Korea, re-launching their music careers stateside after making a name for themselves in the Korean scene–Lee with the rock band Royal Pirates, and Woo with the k-pop idol group U-KISS. Since departing their respective groups in 2017, the two Korean-American soloists have been working with k-pop artists like Amber Liu (formerly of f(x)), Choi Sooyoung (formerly of Girls Generation), Park Jimin (formerly of 15&), and Song Ji-eun (formerly of Secret). This summer, they began a concert tour together (with FYKE as opener) before releasing “Falling,” their first collab as a duo.

And y’all–it’s beautiful. The epitome of crying in the club.

Lee and Kevin’s voices take center stage in something that’s a little too boppy to be called a ballad, but still boasts all the requisite OST feels. While the song itself is a melancholy reflection on a doomed yet inescapable love affair, the MV is the intro to a raucous rom-com a la Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Drop the full-length movie, boys!!!

And because they truly understand their fanbase, they went ahead and made a stockpile of hilarious clips for stans to use in their inevitable memeing. Kings of #content.

Check it out:

Originally from LA, Lee was the bassist for the Korean rock band ‘Royal Pirates’ until 2015, when a severe injury to his wrist & shoulder in a freak accident left him unable to play the bass; even after his injury, however, he continued to play with the band as their keyboardist for another two years. However, in 2017, continued health complications stemming from the accident compelled him to leave the band entirely and strike out on a new path.

Woo is best known as a member of the internationally-renowned U-KISS, but is also well-loved by k-pop stans for his stint as a host of After School Club along with Jimin of 15& and Jae of DAY6.

Here’s to many more American comebacks (and hopefully, collabs like this) from James & Kevin!