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Jackie Chan Moved to Tears During Viral Video Showcasing Stunt Career

Gina Ginsberg February 6, 2017 August 15th, 2017

Back in November, Tom Hanks handed over an honorary Oscar to Kung Fu Clown Jackie Chan ; last week, the Chan love continued when members of his original stunt team compiled a moving tribute to his long career.  

Chan had his eyes on an Oscar ever since he saw one in the home of Sylvester Stallone 23 years ago, and after 56 years, 200 films, and a number of broken bones, Chan has a little gold man of his own. Not to be outdone by American accolades, Chinese variety show THE NEGOTIATOR surprised Chan with their own tribute–a heartfelt video homage to the actor & director  from a legion of loyal stunt men that have worked with him over the years.

The surprise video pays special attention to the action star’s generosity, spirit, and love for his dedicated team members. One JC crew members remembered Chan giving up his jacket to him when he was cold, and that Chan would always look after his brothers before himself.

Technology and animation today makes the lives of stunt doubles less dangerous, but in the 70s and 80s, folks in the industry saw Chan as a role model and risked everything for him. “We put our lives on the line for the art,” said one of his original team members from 1977.

After reuniting with his old crew Chan said, “it has been a truly tough forty years. I hope that the team, even without Jackie Chan, we will still work as a team to continue allowing Chinese wushu moves to radiate and shine.”

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