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Internet Thankful For Asian Boyfriend Who Brushed Drunk Girlfriend’s Teeth

Otter Lee November 22, 2017 November 22nd, 2017

Being a good significant other is more than just remembering important dates, going on romantic getaways, and buying expensive gifts. It’s about really taking care of the little things and being there for your partner when they really need you. Sometimes, it’s less than glamorous and can even get downright dorky.

Meet Michelle and James, two college sweethearts and an adorable Asian couple that have been going steady and strong for the past three years.

James goes out of his way to be an exceptional boyfriend. He’s recently started documenting what he does for his girlfriend on social media.

Marvel at how he collected all the free samples for Michelle while shopping at Costco. That’s A LOT of walking.

There was also that time he made a bouquet out of expensive, delicious chocolate-covered strawberries.

He designed, then put together a jigsaw puzzle depicting one of their favorite dating moments.

He even faced his devastating fear of roller coaster rides to make his Mish Mish happy.

And Michelle is very supportive and happy to be James’ most featured social media activity. She gets him gifts and treats all the time too, like this cute couple’s pillow.

Or a teeny-tiny bracelet of her own hair that he gladly wore all day.

However, the couple is best known for a recent video where James and Michelle returned from a night of drunken revelry. James stayed sober to drive Michelle home safely, and instead of just putting her to bed, he went out of his way to get her ready for sleepy time.

In the video, James can be seen propping Michelle up and tenderly brushing her teeth for her with a warm and reassuring smile on his face.

Such a gracious act of love naturally caused the Internet to swoon and explode. It received over 53,000 likes and 13,000 retweets.

Michelle was both exceedingly thankful and pretty embarrassed, though she happily told Buzzfeed that she wants the world to see that “chivalry is not dead!”

Via Buzzfeed