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ICYMI: The Rock Turned Down A High Schooler’s Promposal In The Most Wonderful Way [Video]

Katie Cannon May 22, 2018 August 20th, 2019

If you’re not stanning Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, then WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?

Not only is he 1) talented 2) gorgeous and 3) hilarious, he is also just, like, a really nice person? C

Exhibit A: back in the bloom of the prom season, Minnesota high school senior Katie Kelzenberg did as many Internet-savvy teens have done and asked her fave celeb to prom, uploading a video to Twitter in full vintage Dwayne Johnson cosplay–complete with fanny pack and that iconic turtleneck & chain combo.

Somehow, the tweet made it back to The Rock, and while he couldn’t attend, he took upon himself to respond.

And not with a simple tweeted reply. Or even a response video.

He recorded an announcement to play over her high school’s intercom during the morning announcements. While he said he wouldn’t be able to make prom due to shooting an upcoming movie, he was making it up to her by renting out a nearby movie theater for her and 240 of her closest friends to screen his new film RAMPAGE, on the house–including popcorn and those obnoxiously priced sodas. He calls Katie his “new best friend,” declares himself a Stillwater Area High School Pony (their mascot), and calls on one of the guys in his class to take his place as her prom date, but also acknowledges that maybe she doesn’t need a date and just wants to kick it with her girlfriends.

Her reaction is…relatable.



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