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Huang Xiaoming Full-On Roasts His Wife Angelababy’s Acting Skills To The Press

Otter Lee January 18, 2018 January 18th, 2018

Love is a many-splendored thing, y’all. It’s not all rainbows and #mancrushmonday posts on Instagram. One sign of a healthy marriage? Publicly roasting your soulmate. (I guess?? Don’t try this at home.)

When asked what he thought of his wife Angelababy’s acting, Chinese actor Huang Xiaoming didn’t mince his words. The guy actually admitted that he thinks the model-turned-singer-turned-actress-and-supposed-love-of-his-life has a long way to go as a thespian.

Huang was answering a question about his wife’s teary response to his latest role in Forever Young when he threw in a low-key burn. “Baby is a very emotional person,” he said. “If she can tap into that, she will certainly be a great actress.”

IF??? WILL??

Obviously, the reporter giving the interview couldn’t let the subtle savagery slide (that’s Journalism 101, FOLLOW THE DRAMA), so they followed up with a leading question. “Are you saying that your wife’s acting skills are subpar? Isn’t that too harsh?”

But I guess he has a death wish (or like, a super communicative relationship) because he didn’t back down from the implication. At all. In fact, he kicked the shade up a notch.  “Bad is bad,” he said. “This isn’t something to be ashamed of. We’ll just have to try hard.”

Huang later clarified that he in no way sees himself as a master actor, though he does wish his wife would listen to his feedback more often. From the sound of it, he’s probably made his hot takes no secret in their home life.

I guess honesty’s the best policy?

Still, shitty actress or not, Angelababy is doing exceptionally well for herself. While she’s made her fair share of lukewarmly-received romance films, she’s definitely established a name for herself as an international celebrity.

In 2016, she made her Hollywood debut playing Chinese pilot Rain Lao, a major supporting character in Independence Day: Resurgence. She also won the Hundred Flowers Award for Best Supporting Actress ( TAKE THAT, HUBS) for her role as the lead’s doomed lover in Chinese action-fantasy film Mojin: The Lost Legend. 

Angelababy ranked 8th on Forbes’ 2017 Chinese Celebrity list and was estimated to have made $31,140,000 from her craft. She’ll have plenty of opportunities to make more money from it whilst honing her skills. Huang, on the other hand, ranked several spots behind at #16. I guess Angelababy’s not petty–but God, I wish she was, so we could all look forward to a passive-aggressive interview where she talks about the ways her dear husband could improve on salary negotiations.

Via Shanghaiist