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Hot Guys With Durians Is The New Asian Social Media Craze

Otter Lee April 22, 2019 April 22nd, 2019

What won’t the public do for a handsome fellow?

The best Internet sensations are the ones that steal our hearts out of nowhere. 2019 brings us @HotDudesWithDurians, an Instagram account that we at AsianCrush simply had to get behind.

The premise is simple enough. Hunky men, many shirtless, all muscular, pose with the controversial tropical fruit, durian.

The durian is a spiky, thorny behemoth of a fruit with creamy, custardy innards. Despite being regarded as a delicacy and used in many dishes and desserts, the fruit’s stench has many haters. It’s said to be a combination of rancid onions, gym socks, and sewage. It’s so stinky, that many South Asian airports outright ban the fruit from being carried or consumed on the premises.

One way to change a cultural image is to pair it with hotties. Some captions actually describe the fruit in question, others try to capture a moment in the cultural zeitgeist. With a variety of guys from different global backgrounds, @Hotdudeswithdurians has plenty of suggestive copy that left us blushing. After all, sex sells!

Despite only being a week old, the account has attracted a large amount of followers and favorites. I think it especially helps that fans only need to click and look and don’t actually have to smell any of the durian. Part of me wonders how the men in question are able to smize and smolder despite their rank cargo.

Hot Dudes With Durians is surely the kind of craze the whole family can enjoy. Asian grandmas and aunties will definitely get a kick out of this trend!

Rumor has it, they’re taking submissions, so grab your favorite beef cake, find the smelliest durian you can sniff, and start sending in those high resolution photos.

What could possibly be next? Foxy mamas with mangosteens?