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Hiring Manager Mocks Asian Applicant’s English & Promptly Gets Fired, Hallelujah

Otter Lee January 25, 2018 January 25th, 2018

Finding work can be difficult, but for immigrants who are still working on learning English, it can also be fraught with discrimination.

A Vietnamese man named Minh Huynh applied for a delivery job via email, having plenty of experience in the field. Unfortunately, his prospective employer thought it would be funny to not only deny him, but also make an insulting “joke” about his grasp of the English language.

While it’s true that Mr. Hunyh’s grammar might not have been flawless, there’s never an okay time to insult someone for being foreign. Bruce Peterson could have responded formally or even politely that Mr. Hunyh would not be receiving the job. He even has his e-signature set up to say, “Thank you.”

Instead, he wrote: “Let me tell you now, if you no speak English, I will send you home.” His intentional garbling of his sentence was extremely insulting and rude, and probably motivated by racial bias towards Mr. Hunyh’s Asian heritage.

English is actually Mr. Hunyh’s third language, after Vietnamese and Cantonese.

Understanding how messed up the response was to her father, Emily Hunyh screenshotted the awful email and posted it to Twitter, where it quickly went viral.


Kevin Bus, the owner of Dash Deliver LLC sent Mr. Hunyh and Emily a personal email apology, also clarifying that Bruce Peterson had been fired for his inappropriate comments. Emily was happy to receive justice for her father’s mistreatment.


Meanwhile, Mr. Huynh was less upset and more confused that he was denied a job that he was very qualified for and experienced in.

Bruce Peterson has since apologized and begged the Huynhs for forgiveness. Maybe he’ll think before he makes a clear record of discrimination and racism? He could have just denied him the job and not been so blatantly obnoxious.

And Mr. Hunyh has since gotten A LOT of job offers via concerned and interested employers. They’re rooting for him!

Via Angry Asian Man

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