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Give Your Cat The Shrine It Deserves [Pictures]

Tim Rousseau April 27, 2016 April 27th, 2016 cat shrine

Pet owners know that every time you buy your cat a new scratching post or platform toy, you will invariably find it playing with the box. You want to pamper your pet, but somehow you are thwarted by the packaging every time. The younger sister of Twitter user @V_KITEI has found the answer in a model shinto shrine.

Constructed from an empty cardboard box and some notebook paper, this DIY cat shrine looks incredibly easy to do. The design appears to be made from a singular box and a sheet of paper for the accents, even featuring a donation box for some much-loved cat treats. Check out the video below of this cat hanging out in its very own shrine.

Cat shrines are actually a real thing in Japan, too. It is believed that cats bring good luck and so there are many places in Japan where you can give your praise to your favorite felines.

cat shrine

I knew cats were good at sitting patiently but daaaaaaamn.

If you can’t fly out to Japan to give offerings to your feline overlords in person, you now know what to do. Build one of these cardboard shrines and head over to your local animal shelter ASAP.


Source – Rocket News

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