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Gaga for Lala: GO LALA GO 2 Headed to US

Staff Writer November 5, 2015 December 3rd, 2015

Have you ever seen a love triangle and thought to yourself “Sure wish I was that hypotenuse?” I hadn’t before today – and then I read a Hollywood Reporter article about the GO LALA GO sequel coming out in December. With an all new cast taking over, it turns out I’ll be watching Ariel Lin (who can be last seen as a headstrong detective in Sweet Alibis) struggle to choose between Vic Zhou and Chen Bolin. What a problem to have!

Vic Zhou and Chen Bolin

Take a look at these men and tell me I’m exaggerating.

Based on a popular novel by Li Ke, the first LALA was a huge hit. The film follows ambitious, single Du Lala as she learns to find that ever-elusive balance between livin’ it up by night and making the deadlines by the day. You know, climbing up the corporate ladder while finding herself a cute guy who can keep up; juggling dinner dates and business lunches; showing up to that meeting on time after a night on the town.

GO LALA GO 2 picks up a few years later, catching up with Lala, formerly a 20-something up-and-comer, now a successful 30-something who up-and-went. She’s dating a cute guy and seems to be half a step away from reaching the pinnacle of her professional dreams.

But then the other shoe drops – as it is often wont to in these flicks – when a suitor from her past proposes to her. He’s handsome, smart, and all to eager to get back together, leaving Lala tongue tied.

As a fan of romance – both the genre and general concept – I’ve been loving the recent wave of romcoms China’s been producing for the better half of the last decade. This trend has given us fans a bounty of love stories of all kinds: from city dreams to country lovin’, in a puff AND in the buff!

Per the Hollywood Reporter‘s piece, GO LALA GO 2 makes its U.S. debut December 4. Will it hit the right notes for fans of the first movie?