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Funimation Ends Relationship With Vic Mignogna After Sexual Harassment Controversy

Otter Lee February 15, 2019 February 15th, 2019

Vic Mignogna, an American voice actor for anime  and video games best known for his role as Broly in the Dragon Ball franchise, will no longer be working with Funimation, the streaming and dubbing company confirmed via Twitter.

Just four days earlier, animation company Roosterteeth also cut ties with the actor, who had voiced major character Qrow Branwen in the American anime RWBY.

Mignogna’s firings came after numerous allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate physical contact at both various anime conventions and at work came to light.

A rift had been sundered in the anime community with people using the hashtag #KickVic and his many fans and supporters fighting back with the hashtag #IStandWithVic. The controversy has ignited a larger debate on both stan culture and the #MeToo movement.

A blistering report by Anime News Network on January 30th compiled multiple fan and convention worker stories where people mainly women and underage girls felt uncomfortable after being kissed or touched by Mignogna.

Vic apologized for being overly affectionate in a long statement and dismissed any accusations of sexual harassment or assault.


Shortly after, Mignogna’s fellow voice actors and Dragon Ball costars Monica Rial and Jamie Marchi later posted of uncomfortable situations and sexual harassment they experienced from Mignogna. Multiple planned anime convention appearances for Mignogna were then cancelled.

After coming forward, both Rial and Marchi were inundated with both comments of support and attacks on social media. Fans of Mignogna accused them of making up their statements or destroying his career without probable evidence. Some even went as far as claiming that Monica spoke up for personal profit or career furthering. All parties involved, including Mignogna, would eventually call for users to stop issuing death threats despite the controversy.

Still, Vic would maintain that he never assaulted anyone and refute Marchi’s statement.

On February 10th, a woman named Michelle who worked with a then 26-year-old Vic Mignogna on the musical Annie in high school shared her account of a creepy, sexually predatory interaction she experienced with him. An outsider when it comes to anime, she was inspired to share her story after seeing people refuse to believe the dozens of other accounts about Mignogna’s behavior.

Voice actor and ADR director Patrick Seitz also posted what he sees as the hypocrisy in Vic’s fans and defenders. Many claim that they will drop their hero with sufficient evidence, but have clearly made up their mind already.

Twitter user @mrbrobt additionally outlined why Vic’s defenders are not entitled to the findings of Funimation’s internal investigation.

The entire saga is a testament to a general lack of understanding and ignorance in how sexual assault and harassment are supposed to be handled and combated in the world of fandom.

Mignogna’s firing from Funimation came because they found or identified a probable reason–on top of the numerous allegations and accusations.

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