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Friday Shorts: Men Fight and Women Pray on a MOONLESS Night

Mickey Silberstein May 6, 2016 May 6th, 2016

Oh, didn’t notice you there. Why don’t you come on in a enjoy an all new Friday Short?

Since we’ve been enjoying them so much these last few weeks, we decided to continue highlighting shorts from the Natsume Soseki anthology, TEN NIGHTS OF DREAMS. Specifically, we’re taking a look at MOONLESS, the ninth night of dreams as imagined by director Miwa Nishikawa (DREAMS FOR SALE).

Nishikawa’s approach to the dream gives us an impressionistic look at sorrow born of war. “One moonless night,” the movie opens, “Father went away.” We see the man accept his call to arms, and his wife take their child to a shrine to pray for his safe return. As the mother walks back and forth between gate and shrine, the child becomes stuck in place. He begins to receive visions of an adult world to which he should not be privy – he sees his parents arguing over the war; a man in a brothel during an air raid; he sees troops frightened in the foxholes.

By embracing the non-linear nature of dreams, MOONLESS blends the different events surrounding one family torn apart by war into something like a painful memory that may or may not have been simply conjured in your sleep.

Check out some more dreams here and here, or just watch the entire anthology right here for free!

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