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Friday Short: Final Fantasy’s Visionary Yoshitaka Amano Brings a Trippy Dream to Life

Mickey Silberstein April 29, 2016 April 29th, 2016

Why hey there you! Welcome back to yet another edition of Asian Crush’s Friday Shorts!

Since we enjoyed last week’s dream so much, we thought we’d continue with another take on one of Natsume Sōseki’s nighttime sojourns. The seventh night of dreams is brought to life by Yoshitaka Amano, the man behind some of Final Fantasy’s most ornate and lush designs. He’s a man who paints as though he spent a childhood looking at the works of Gustav Klimt, muttering to himself “Why such restraint?”

The most surreal aspect of the entire endeavor, however, is that as much of an eye as Amano has for the fantastic and patterned, he equally lacks an ear for English. No judgment is meant by this – he seems to have as good a grasp on it as I do on Japanese. Where the strangeness comes in is in the decision to have the entire short narrated in English. Paired with the dreamy CG/watercolor aesthetic of the short, the detached and stilted phonetic narration stands out even more than it would were it just stiff nonsense in isolation. As such, even more than the sixth night of dreams, BEYOND INFINITY feels like you’ve drifted off somewhere… else.

This is why I’ve decided to describe it’s plot as though it were my own dream, and eventually kinda just drift off as well.

So I was walking towards these giants who were pulling an enormous boat. I asked them where it was going but they just laughed at me. Then I was on the boat, but so were the giants. Maybe we were on the boat all along. No one would talk to me and everything was spikes. Then I met a woman who acknowledged me, and it made me feel better. There was this big door that took me to a party where that same girl was playing a piano , but it was also a butterfly, but it just made me feel alone again. And then there were fish and then….

If you’d like to see the rest of the shorts, you can stream TEN NIGHTS OF DREAMS right here entirely for free!