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Best Dad Ever Pawns Extremely Valuable Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards For Daughter’s Education

Otter Lee November 10, 2017 November 10th, 2017

Remember how super special awesome the Blue-Eyes White Dragon used to be? The prized signature card of the spoiled heir and antihero Seto Kaiba, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon had insanely high attack and defense compared to many of the other monsters in the game. In the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, the Blue-Eyes was especially valuable because there were only said to be four of them in the world.

In fact, Kaiba is so obsessed with their wealth and power and status, he uses illegal means to obtain a playset of three, then steals the fourth and rips it up to increase the value of the others.

One Japanese Twitter user by the name of  @KnightMiyabi enjoyed the power and prestige associated with this collectible trading card. You see, he owned four copies of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon from Jump Festa 2000. Jump Festa is an annual party and showcase of upcoming manga in the magazine Shonen Jump. Often, new products, commodities, and special goodies are available to those lucky enough to get a ticket in, Since only 1000 copies of the special Blue-Eyes card exist and were distributed, these promos are exceptionally coveted and valuable, and in the past 17 years, their worth has only increased.

On Ebay, a single mint condition Jump Festa Blue-Eyes goes for roughly $5000 a piece. @KnightMiyabi has four of them to sell, which means he probably made at least $20,000 from a sale of the trading cards.

The Twitter user claims after he saw his baby girl playing with the colorful cards, he knew as a father that he had to make provisions for her future.

He was probably worried the adorable tyke would wreck the resell value!

He sold his rarest cards to ensure that he has the funds necessary to set her up at a prestigious, expensive kindergarten.

@KnightMiyabi posted a final picture of his beloved Blue-Eyes, then accompanied them with a classic picture of a fat stack of bills in his wallet. While he wouldn’t say exactly how much money was made, we can assume that this move was a well-played one for his daughter’s future.