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Famous Portrait Halloween Costumes Dazzle Japan and The Internet

Otter Lee November 1, 2018 August 20th, 2019

Choosing the right group costume can be a difficult endeavor. You need to make sure everybody shows up, commits to their member of the theme, and puts in the requisite amount of time, money, or effort. After all, a single misstep can ruin your Halloween gathering, Instagram brand, or social standing in these times.

Japan is a country known for loving elaborate and skillful dress-up and cosplay, and the city of Kawasake in Kawasaki in Kanagawa prefecture is a testament to that. Its annual Halloween parade, the largest of its kind in the entire nation, is full of well-implemented tricks, treats, and characters galore.

This year’s celebration took place on October 28th, and by the far, the most talked about group from it was a living human art collection.

The portraits used to form this team’s costumes don’t have a set era or theme, but each one is certainly recognized as an iconic work representing the human experience.

Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Mona Lisa, Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring, Vincent van Gogh’s Self Portrait, Pablo Picasso’s The Weeping Woman, and Edvard Munch’s The Scream represent some of the more iconic and classic works of art in the pantheon of paintings. Still, no art collection would ever be complete without the famously memeable “Monkey Jesus,” an antique Fresco that an older woman deludedly and tragically thought she could restore and improve.

The portraits accomplished their feats with a combination of frames, wigs outfits, and convincingly painted canvases.

Other marvelous mentions include groups featuring cats, buddhas, and uh, what I think are personified Garden supplies?

The creativity and innovation of these students was first highlighted in a post by their teacher, the makeup artist and popular Instagram user @amazing_Jiro . Their work is definitely more intricate and wholesome than anything I’ve seen in the United States.


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