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Dog Discovered Swimming 135 Miles Away From Coast Of Thailand

Otter Lee April 16, 2019 August 20th, 2019

The dog paddle was the first swimming technique adopted by mankind, likely developed after watching wild animals use it. When brought to water, most dogs will stay afloat using the method. One brave canine went above and beyond.

Thai oil rig workers discovered a Brown aspin swimming for its life. The rescuers christened the pooch “Boonrod,” a name that roughly translates to “one who has done good karma” or “survivor.” It’s still a mystery how the daring dog made it so far out to see and survived. The most likely explanation is that Boonrod was on another ship, perhaps a fishing vessel, and simply fell overboard.

While he proved an intrepid swimmer, Boonrod was not in great condition at first. He was shivering from the cold water, caked with salt, exhausted, and hungry. The oil rig workers had to hurry before the choppy waters made him impossible to save.

Luckily, there were plenty of supplies and rations aboard the vessel, most notably water and meat. After being cleaned, warmed, fed, and rested, his condition improved immensely. He even found a new family in the form of his saviors on the oil rig.

Boonrod was brought to safety, given a proper bath, and visited by a team of veterinarians.

Adorned with a golden wreath and lavished with treats, he sure looks happy. His hard struggles to stay alive are over forever. He’s also become something of a social media star!

The entire saga was posted on social media by Vitisak Payalaw, who works for the Chevron Thailand Exploration & Production as a planner. As soon as his shift on the seas is over at the end of this month, Payalaw plans to officially adopt Boonrod.

Watchdog Thailand, an animal rescue group will care for him and keep him healthy for the time being.

Enjoy your much deserved rest and relaxation, Boonrod!