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Disney’s Live-Action MULAN Trailer Dropped & Reactions Are Mixed

Otter Lee July 9, 2019 July 9th, 2019

It feels like Disney is rebooting EVERY one of their animated masterpieces with a live-action take. As one of the few Asian stories from the WD vault, Mulan has a special place in audience’s hearts.

The film certainly has a difficult task ahead of it. Mulan must juggle being different enough to warrant a separate movie yet also kindle nostalgia for the original in viewer’s hearts. Yesterday, the official movie teaser dropped via Disney’s social platforms. It quickly trended as the #1 watched video on YouTube.

In the trailer, Hua Mulan is shown juggling the expectations of her family. As in the original animated classic, Mulan’s family desires that she find a good marriage match, the primary expectation for a young woman. However, destiny totally has other designs in store for her. The scenes of Mulan’s family life are juxtaposed with her training as a soldier.

Of particular mention is how Mulan appears to be disguised as a man for some of the montage, but how she eventually lets her hair down. Several shots show her openly fighting and honing her skills as a woman, which indicates a significant plot departure.

As we reported earlier, this incarnation of Mulan will not feature love interest Captain Shang or the lively musical numbers of the animated movie. The animated characters of the dragon Mushu and Mulan’s cricket will reportedly still appear, but in a different capacity.

A great deal of fans are up in arms that they won’t be getting a faithful adaptation to their childhood cartoon (as expected).

Still, others seem excited for a grittier, less fantastical take on the story that might be truer to the original Chinese ballad.

China’s Weibo social media app exploded with over 450 million views and 750,000 comments associated with the new Mulan trailer. Some Chinese viewers were attached to the animated movie too, but the vast majority seemed excited to see an entire live-action Disney movie representing their culture and story.

Chinese-American Crystal Liu will be starring as Mulan with Jet Li, Gong Li, Donnie Yen, and Jason Scott Lee rounding out the rest of the all-star cast. Mulan will air on March 27, 2020.