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The DETECTIVE PIKACHU Movie Actually Looks Fun [Trailer]

Otter Lee November 13, 2018 August 20th, 2019

Last year, news broke that a live-action film adaptation of Pokemon spin-off game, Detective Pikachu was set to launch, and that Ryan Reynolds of the hit Marvel superhero movie Deadpool  would be playing the titular character. Understandably, the Internet  was just as mystified as it was intrigued. Some fans were even upset that Reynolds was cast over their dream pick, Danny Devito.

After almost a year of anxious speculating and lots and lots of Pikachu dressed as Deadpool fanart, we finally got out first glimpse of the trailer today. And honestly, it actually looks like a fun film!

Justice Smith plays human protagonist Tim, who has always wanted to be a Pokemon trainer, but never realized the dream. Making matters worse, his father, a local detective has gone missing. With the help of a wise-cracking Pikachu, whose speech only he can understand, Tim must uncover a greater Pokemon conspiracy at play.

Perhaps most jarring are the more realistic designs of the Pokemon. Cute, fluffy  creatures like Pikachu and Jigglypuff are covered in fur, Charizard looks like something out of Game of Thrones and Greninja looks pretty terrifying too.

Reynolds’ voice and speech patterns are pretty much the same as what he does as Deadpool, just minus the flagrant trash talk and swearing.

Other starring cast members include Ken Watanabe as a grizzled veteran detective, who just wants to see Tim lead a happy life, Kathryn Newton as the investigative journalist Lucy. Bill Nighy (Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean), Rita Ora (singer and actress in both the Fifty Shades and Fast and the Furious fils), Omar Chapparo, Suki Waterhouse, and Chris Greere will also be performing.

Oh, and if the movie didn’t already feel like an interdimensional Deadpool spinoff, there’s Karan Soni, who played taxi cab driver Dopinder.

The movie appears to be blending the talking animal buddy genre with fantasy action, lots of slapstick comedy, and traces of film noir. I honestly had no idea what to expect when I first heard about the project, but the trailer seems to highlight an entertaining film that is nothing like any other movie out there.

The project was undoubtedly made with both faithful Pokemon fans as well as newcomers to the series.

POKÉMON Detective Pikachu will premiere on May 11th, 2019.