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DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN’s Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo Are Getting Married!

Katie Cannon July 5, 2017 August 18th, 2017

DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN was the biggest drama of 2016, a sweeping military romance that made audiences around the world swoon–and now the series’ main couple is making all of our wildest k-drama dreams a reality. They’re getting married! IN REAL LIFE.

Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo announced yesterday that they would be tying the knot at the end of the October–much to the shock and delight (and probably some Joongki-fangirls’ dismay) of their fans. Prior to this huge marriage bombshell, the stars had hidden even their dating relationship  from the media.

Understandably, the couple didn’t want their relationship outed by the media without having their say in the matter–so they decided to go to the press themselves with official statements for their fans.

In their messages, each Song spoke on the origins of their love story, which reportedly on-set of DESCENDANTS. In Joong-ki’s statement, he spoke of DotS as “a drama that made [him] shine brighter than ever before because of [the] tremendous [love] he received from everyone.” But he also marked filming as a time when he “gained another precious friend, who [he] shared his honest feelings with […] and promised to spend the rest of [their] lives together by understanding each other’s weaknesses and helping each other through harsh times.”

In Song Hye-ko’s message, she apologized to fans for the suddenness of the wedding news, then detailed the growth of her and Joong-ki’s romantic relationship–starting first as amicable co-workers, then as friends, and finally as life partners: “Joong Ki showed me his self, trust, and his manners for a long time. I thought to myself that it would be good to spend the future with him and I was glad that he could feel my true emotions as well. That’s when I knew that he was the one.”

All-Kpop confirmed with the actors’ representation that they had started dating before the show even aired.

Song-Song is official, guys! Coming hot on the heels on the news of Lee Sung-kyung & Nam Joo-hyuk’s relationship, this announcement is going to make it real hard for me not to ship all my fave k-drama stars  together.

Whilst you anticipate the couple’s Halloween nuptials, bask in their individual screen triumphs with our collections of Song Hye-kyo and Song Joong-ki‘s films, available to stream for free.

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