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Deaf, Asian, Transgender Actor Will Be Playing DC Comics’ Jericho on TITANS

Otter Lee April 8, 2019 April 8th, 2019

The polarizing, pulpy DC cinematic universe show Titans has found its newest supporting actor. Chella Man was just announced to be playing the role of Jericho, a superhero commonly written with the power to possess others through eye contact. Jericho is also notably the son of mercenary villain Deathstroke and has immense training in hand-to-hand-combat, though he prefers to pursue a path of pacifism whenever possible.

The character is often presented as mute, only using his voice when speaking through those that he possesses, and also notably was revealed to be bisexual in the DC Rebirth universe.

While Chella Man is still rising as an actor, he became widely known for the story and journey of his transition along with his LBGT activism. The Jewish, Chinese-American artist is just 20 years old, but has already amassed a large social media following across Twitter and Instagram.

Man is also deaf, which adds another dimension to his casting and performance as the mute Jericho. The studio clearly wanted to aim for an authentic performance from a diverse actor for the role.

Jericho’s villainous father will be played by Puerto Rican actor Esai Morales.

The official press statement on Jericho for Titans reads:

Son of the infamous DC villain Deathstroke (played by Esai Morales), Joseph Wilson is the Titan known as Jericho. Mute after his father failed to rescue him from having his vocal cords severed by assassins, Jericho has the unique ability to possess anyone just by making eye contact. This gentle natured yet proud hero has proven himself a formidable Titan.

Season 2 of the gritty show will commence filming in April with multiple new characters continuing to be announced.

Man announced their casting via Instagram, excitedly declaring it was a victory for diversity and a celebration of his uniqueness.

As a trans, Deaf, Jewish person of color, I have always reminded myself of the power in my differences. It is a dream come true, now, as I will be able to showcase this power on the Titans.
HUGE thank you to all who have supported me throughout this process!

It’s certainly a huge step forward for both diversity representation!

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