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Constance Wu’s Rabbit Allegedly Ransacked Fancy Penthouse She Stayed In

Otter Lee May 28, 2019 May 29th, 2019

Taiwanese-American Actress Constance Wu just can’t seem to stay out of controversy. Earlier this month, she responded unhappily over her show Fresh Off the Boat being renewed for a sixth season. We chronicled the social media spectacle, which even threatened to drag Wu’s Crazy Rich Asians costar Gemma Chan into the drama.

Now, the main source of trouble appears to be coming from Wu’s adorable pet rabbit Lida Rose, who has a name like a queen, but apparently behaved very very badly. Wu rented a luxury penthouse apartment in the expensive, hip Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea.

An anonymous source dished some serious dirt on Lida Rose. Apparently, Lida Rose was brought unannounced and  unwelcome. Additionally, despite the rental rules clearly asking that pets be kept in their proper enclosures or cages, Lida Rose hopped around to her heart’s content.

The source went on to claim that “Constance’s bunny totally destroyed the place, there was poop and pee everywhere, and the actress had done nothing to clean it up. The animal went all over the entranceway, the living room, the kitchen, the bedroom.”

Another secret witness backed up the first source and went on to add even more dirty details to the account: “The place totally stank, it was disgusting, there were little pellets of poo everywhere, and Constance seemed oblivious to it. She seems to sleep with the bunny, and there was even poop in the bed.”

Lida Rose is a very common guest on Wu’s social media posts. Wu even claims that the bunny enjoys snuggling and staying inside her owner’s sweater.

Could the privileged pet really have done so much damage in such little time? Is her diva-like attitude something she learned from Wu?

Wu and Lida Rose have at least one defender, a third source that refuted all of the rabid allegations against the rabbit. This insider is completely on Team Lida Rose.

The owner of the property was told in advance before Constance arrived that she had a pet rabbit, and the rabbit pen arrived before they did. Constance was not asked to leave the apartment and she actually stayed longer than intended. Her stay was extended for a few weeks, so they couldn’t have had a problem with her or her pet.

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