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Chinese Storm Makes It Rain Sea Critters On City Streets

Otter Lee June 19, 2018 June 19th, 2018

The Chinese port city of Qingdao is the largest city in Shangdong province and lends its name to the popular Tsingtao beer. Like many other coastal societies, Qingdao’s cuisine has a heavy preference towards seafood with squid, shrimp octopus, shark fin, oysters, clams, abalone, and conch all being consumed regularly, and often served in both light and milky broths.

Residents in Qingdao found themselves receiving servings of marine life they were not quite expecting last week. A powerful storm struck the area, uprooting trees, knocking over infrastructure, bringing destructive hail, and perhaps most notably, flinging sea creatures from their home in the water and causing them to rain down over the flooded streets.

Netizens swiftly took to social media to share surreal photos of the freakishness of nature. Shrimp, octopi, and even starfish all fell like precipitation from the sky.

Tornadoes grabbing up marine animals and throwing them into our cities? It sounds like something out of Sharknado, but believe it or not, there have been several instances of literal raining animals recorded throughout mankind’s history. When a storm or tornado hits a body of water, all creatures who call it their home–especially smaller ones, are liable to be swept up and carried sometimes hundreds of miles away. Fish, amphibians, and crustaceans can all be swept up before falling back down.

Mexico, the United States, and ancient Rome are just some of the areas such phenomenon have been recorded within.

The sea creatures in Qingdao most likely flew in from the neighboring Yellow Sea. No word on whether or not anyone attempted to fry up anything that landed on their car or make a chowder out of street seafood.

Via Daily Mail , NextShark

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