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This Chinese Smart Phone Is Literally Saving Lives

Katie Cannon April 20, 2017 April 21st, 2017

I’m no tech expert, guys. I’m still sporting a 2014 iPhone 5C, because the color is cute but also (read: mostly) because I’m broke.

It’s fine. I’m only a lowly pop culture writer. But if I were in a line of work (or zestier lifestyle) wherein I made a habit of getting shot at, I can tell you FOR SURE that I would be getting an upgrade–but not to a better iPhone. They’re flimsy pieces of shit.

I’d be getting myself a Huawei, bitches. Because apparently, these suckers are bulletproof.

Per Shanghaiist, a man’s Huawei smartphone saved his life earlier this month during a violent mugging in Santiago, Chile. He and his uncle had just withdrawn $4600 dollars from his uncle’s pension account when three men attempted to rob them, and ended up shooting the young man in the process.

This might have been a much more tragic story were it not for the Huawei Honor 5X in his shirt pocket, which freaking STOPPED THE BULLET.

But this is no freak accident–this isn’t even the first time this has happened! The Chinese smartphone also saved a life in South Africa last year, when a man was shot in the chest at close range during an armed robbery. Again, the Huawei P8 in his jacket pocket deflected the bullet.

Apparently, made in China means made of Kevlar.


Via Shanghaiist