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Chinese Reporter’s Gloriously Shady Eye Roll Goes Viral & Gets Her Name Censored By The Government [Video]

Katie Cannon March 16, 2018 March 16th, 2018

Behold: all the disdain in the observable universe, distilled into one earth-shattering facial expression. If I were on the receiving end of this thing, I think I’d have to be permanently hospitalized from the sheer potency of the shade.

The Chinese internet recently exploded into a frenzy of memes & political discourse after the nation’s annual parliamentary sessions, during which a reporter visibly repulsed by her fellow journalist’s question was caught on camera executing what will forever be known as the most glorious eye roll of all time.

Wow. Just….inspiring.

China’s not exactly known for their free-wheeling media coverage of government issues, but apparently the reporter in red’s  long-winded speech was so soft & sycophanish–name-dropping pet initiatives before ending with an easy question–that her peer couldn’t suppress her disgust.

Per Shanghaiist, the eye-roller in question is Liang Xiangyi, a reporter for the Shanghai-based business news outlet Yicai; although now that the clip’s gone viral, her name is the most-blocked term on Chinese social media, and it’s rumored she may have even lost her job.

The eye-roll recipient (who I assume is still recovering from this third-degree burn) is reportedly Zhang Huijun, a journalist for the slightly-sketchy  Calfornia-based, CCTV-partnered media outlet American Multimedia Television USA, which many netizens suspect is actually just a front for Chinese state-sponsored propaganda.

Meanwhile, despite the censorship, people are having fun parodying this delightful and wildly versatile new meme. Maybe it’s finally time to retire my old fave eye-roll gif?