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Chinese PhD Student Banned from Air France For Striking Airport Clerk

Otter Lee June 5, 2017 June 6th, 2017

A woman in Wuhan, China, who couldn’t get her way regarding a missed plane departure went and got physical instead. The aggressor, only identified by the surname Zhang, was caught on video harassing and assaulting an airport worker–straight-up open-handed slapping her multiple times. Zhang reportedly became enraged when she was denied entry to a Paris flight after trying to board it a whopping 14 minutes late.

In a video obtained and circulated by China Global Television Network (with added dramatic violin music), Zhang can be seen angrily berating and insulting the clerk for not getting her way. “I’m just five minutes late” she hollers–again, she was 14 MINUTES late. The 36-year old PHD candidate then leaps behind the counter and corporally punishes the worker for HER mistake.  Neither her higher education prospects nor the presence of her husband and child were enough to deter her from her absolutely savage behavior. The victim can be seen backing away and shield their face.

Luckily for airlines around the world, it doesn’t look like Zhang will be flying into Paris or anywhere from China anytime soon. After being detained for a not-so-relaxing 10 day staycation with local police, Zhang was placed on Air France’s blacklist. An affiliate company is currently seeking to have her banned from all air travel throughout China as well.

Zhang’s behavior is sadly part a frequent occurrence in China and abroad, where irate tourists who believe their rights and whims should be privileged above all else wreak havoc when their ridiculous demands are not met.

According to the South China Morning Post, Zhang was in fact offered both a refund or an opportunity to reschedule her flight, but she was insistent that she make it to Paris for an important conference.

Chinese social media users have no shortage of hot takes regarding Zhang’s entitlement and rage issues. One Weibo thread on the incident racked up over 30,000 comments.

“So barbarous and wayward. Did she major in kick-boxing for a doctoral degree?”

“Put her on the global blacklist as well for three years. A one year ban on riding a high-speed train, three month ban on riding an ordinary bus and a year ban on riding the subway. ”

“As they say, a person’s quality has nothing to do with their qualifications.”

Perhaps Zhang can take a course in basic human decency, assuming her university doesn’t punish her for this grave misstep.

Via: Shanghaiist