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Chinese Model Blames Dolce & Gabbana Racial Controversy For Ruining Her Career

Otter Lee January 25, 2019 February 13th, 2019

Last fall, we reported on Dolce & Gabbana basically destroying their credibility in China after an ad campaign many netizens found racist and offensive. The controversy resulted in D & G cancelling a big fashion show they had planned for China as well as a nationwide boycott. Now, the Chinese model who had to pretend she didn’t know how to eat Italian food with chopsticks in the offending videos is talking.

Zuo Ye was overjoyed when she booked a gig working with the prestigious Italian fashion line, but she says the outrage and hate she has gotten have left her feeling guilty and humiliated. She was told little of the Milan based shoot except that it would be “fun.”

In a recent social media post, Zuo declared “I never and would never bear anything disrespectful to my home country.” She added “I’m deeply in love with my country and proud to be a Chinese to send on international runways.”

She felt uncomfortable with both the size of the food she was served, the use of the chopsticks in the video, and the amount of times she had to laugh at herself and the situation.

She recalls “I did feel embarrassed when holding [the] chopsticks.” Zuo also said  “At the same time, I was required to laugh in an exaggerated way, but I hate to laugh in real life.”
Unfortunately for Zuo, the show might have been cancelled but the media spectacle continued long after. She claims that she, her agent, and her family have received online attacks, death threats, angry phone calls, and general harassment for months.
While she regrets performing for the ad now, she vehemently denies it was wrong to seek the opportunity, saying “As a Chinese model working overseas, being able to work with any top brand, regardless of whether its D&G or anyone else, is positive [for your)] career.”
Still, in closing, Zuo admits “I didn’t anticipate that the cooperation with this brand would almost ruin my modeling career.”


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