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Chinese Engineering Students Gave The Only Girl In Their Class A Gift For International Women’s Day

Katie Cannon March 12, 2018 March 13th, 2018


It’s hard being the only woman in the sausage fest that is the STEM field, having to cope with a hefty dose of sexism on top of your heavy workload–so it’s great to see the bros of the Engineering department at South China Technical University do their darn-dest to make their sole female classmate feel welcome.

Shanghaiist reports that engineering student Chen Weiqi was visited with a ~special surprise~ last week when some of her classmates stopped her after class to give her a gift. And not a lame gift, either: an entire 12-tube set of high-end MAC lipsticks! Hell yeah!

The boys had wanted to do something nice for Chen to celebrate International Women’s Day, but since they didn’t know her preferred color, they decided to all out and get her the full spectrum of  shades–priced, in total, around $284.

Not a bad haul.

In a video interview with Pear Video, Chen says while she had suspected something was up with her classmates, she hadn’t a clue the surprise would be of the sweet-and-sugary variety. Not that they’re ordinarily rude to her–on the contrary, they totally dote on her. According to Shanghaiist, she said she “hasn’t had to carry a bag or open a water bottle in her entire college career.”

This isn’t the first time the male population of a Chinese student body has gone out of their way to appreciate their only girl classmate; back in November, a school photoshoot went viral for basically worshipping the university’s solitary female Mechanical Manufacturing student.

Unfortunately for any dudes hoping that MAC cosmetics might be the key to Chen’s heart, she says she’s already got a boyfriend.

But maybe it wasn’t about romance! Maybe these dudes just wanted to let their lady comrade know they appreciated her! Maybe they wanted to come out with a firm feminist stance supporting women in STEM! Maybe they wanted an excuse to shop for makeup!

A girl can dream.



Via Shanghaiist