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Chinese Drivers Use Terrifying Decals To Scare Road Rule-Breakers

Audrey O'Brien November 22, 2016 August 20th, 2019

If you’ve ever been in a car, you know that there are plenty basic rules of the road that many drivers simply ignore (like, I don’t know, USING YOUR BLINKER BEFORE SWITCHING LANES). If you’re like me, the most action you’ll take is swearing loudly in the safety of your car, but if you live in China, you might be taking a different course of action. See below:

Scary decals have sprung up on the back window of cars around China as an unfortunate surprise to those who use their high beams on the road with other motorists. The stickers are virtually invisible without light, so it makes their appearance at the use of high beams even more freaky.

The decals come in all sorts of shapes and sizes to give you many options of frightening effects, and even come for the absurdly cheap price of 16 yuan!

Unfortunately, due to the dangers these pose, drivers using them can be fined up to 100 yuan. Worth it?

Ok that wolf one seems like something a tacky bro would have.

Ok, I acknowledge that this is definitely very dangerous, but so isn’t tailgating another car at night with your high beams on. These drivers have to learn sometime, don’t they? Also, this might be preferable to to the¬†Shenzhen punishment where bad drivers are forced to stare into their high beams for a full minute. Hopefully those guys are not allowed back on the road in the immediate aftermath.

via Shanghaiist

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