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Chinese Blogger Arrested After Her Offer Of “Free Sex” Brought Literal Droves Of Thirsty Dudes To Her Hotel

Otter Lee March 12, 2018 March 12th, 2018

Be careful what you do for views. A 19-year-old travel blogger who calls herself Miss Yee posted a salacious offer on her Weib “Who’s coming to get me…to have sex…for free?” The social media status was accompanied by sexy, suggestive photos of her in very little clothing.

Perhaps even more outrageous, Miss Yee posted the address of the hotel she was staying at–the Hilton Hotel in Sanya–and her room number: 6316. But she swiftly attracted the attention she had hoped for. Unconfirmed social media rumors posit that 3,000 horny dudes either showed up at her hotel or called to inquire after the guest in 6316. The hotel staff was swiftly overwhelmed by the masses of men looking to get the promised poon-tang.

Some of them even made their own travel vlogs of the journey, shooting videos and snapping photos to chronicle what they thought would be an easy lay.

Reportedly terrified, Miss wrote a follow up post where she revealed that it was all a joke and asked people to stop sharing the video. Still, with no signs of the flood of thirsty men receding, she decided it was no longer safe to stick around. Hotel staff smuggled her out of the building and hailed her a cab at approximately 10 PM.

The police promptly arrested and fined Miss Yee for the crime of prostitution. While being questioned, Miss Yee apparently declared that she never intended to actually bone anyone: it was all a stunt to gain extra viewers and followers. Still, if she never intended to have sex with anyone, why she would post her actual location is frankly baffling.

Despite not even offering a price for her services, Miss Yee was detained for 15 days, forced to pay a 500 yuan fine (about $79)–and perhaps worst of all, her beloved social media account on Weibo has been shut down.


Via Asia Wire