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Chinese Auntie Sits on Man’s Lap After He Refuses to Give Up Subway Seat

Otter Lee September 11, 2017 September 11th, 2017

If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em for an incredibly unpleasant subway experience.

Video captured in Nanjing, China, shows an older woman sitting on a very uncomfortable young man’s lap on a Subway ride. The woman had asked if he would give up his seat for her, a common request from the elderly and disabled in many metro systems. However, the passenger refused to grant her request. Taking matters into her own hands, the matron promptly planted herself on her adversary’s lap, no doubt making him regret sticking to his guns.

The six second clip shows the man’s face curled into an expression of disdain while the older woman goes on about her business, wiping her brow, and generally seeming relieved that she found a place to rest her weary body.

Chinese social media users did not take kindly to what they see as issues of entitlement within the elderly population. Some Weibo users even feel that the auntie’s actions firmly plant her in the territory of sexual harassment or molestation.

China is a country that is known for filial piety and the practice of respecting one’s elders, but many disgruntled millennials there are starting to question and deny privileges to what they see as pushy or underserving senior citizens with a long list of viral episodes.

The Shanghaiist has compared the incident to several other ones involving older offenders. In May, one ill-tempered old-timer poured his entire bag of melon seeds on the ground, simply to spite a younger cleaning lady who politely asked him to stop littering them. In June, another old man, unleashed a vicious tirade on a young woman for not bequeathing her seat to him, even continuing the verbal onslaught after a seat close to him opened up. In 2014, a group of elderly men assaulted a fellow passenger in a gang brawl of five to one when he also refused to stand up.

Via Shanghaiist