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Chinese Actress Fan Bingbing’s Younger Brother Is A Trainee At A Korean Pop Label

Kia Tolentino December 6, 2017 December 6th, 2017

While this might sound like the premise of a hit-or-miss k-drama, it’s legit – Fan Chengcheng, younger brother of famous Chinese actress Fan Bingbing, has been confirmed a trainee in South Korea under Yuehua Entertainment! Do I smell some sibling rivalry for the spotlight? Probably not, but how exciting would that be?

Born in 2000, Fan Chengcheng is (much) younger than his older sister, with a 19-year age gap. And while I highly doubt they’ve ever encountered the awkward mother-and-son assumptions with that age difference (particularly because her skin is flawless and she doesn’t look a damn day over 25), I’d find it just as difficult to believe Fan Chengcheng is that much younger at a staggering 190 cm (6’3”) tall.

Yuehua Entertainment is home to Ahn Hyeong Seop, Lee Eui Woong, Choi Seung Hyuk, Jung Jung (Zhu Zheng Ting), Justin (Huang Ming Hao), a.k.a some of your faves from Produce 101. It’s also the label of idol groups UNIQ and Cosmic Girls with Starship Entertainment.

The label reveals Fan Chengcheng has been training in Korea for almost a year. While he’s been preparing Korean songs and still needs more skills as a singer, it’s up for debate as to whether he’ll debut in Korea or China. As the younger brother of such a huge star, his training has become a hot topic in China, making the country a good-looking contender for debut.

Speaking of good-looking, many are anticipating his #visuals being the younger brother of the beautiful Fan Bingbing. It’s also said that aside from his native language, Fan Chengcheng is skilled in English and is learning Korean quickly.

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