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Check out PSY’s New Music Video with a Surprise Cameo [Video]

Otter Lee May 11, 2017 May 12th, 2017 PSY I Luv It - Pikotaro PAPP

The South Korean music phenomenon and legend Psy debuted a music video for his new sure to be smash hit “I Luv it,” an infectious technopop beat as part of his eighth studio album, 4X2=8. “I Luv it” in typical Psy fashion, started rapidly, virally trending to the top of Billboard and Twitter within hours of its release!

With snazzy suits, dancing ladies, and countless, colorful Korean backdrops, Psy’s delirious brand of K-Pop goodness is evidently continuing to live it up. Psy even acknowledges his own success in several lyrics and a funny graphic that shows the video’s viral rampage blowing up on Youtube with billions of views (which it IS currently doing). How could they have known that would happen? Psy is just THAT good at what he does.

However, that’s not all for surprises. A little more than halfway into the video, South Korean actor and singer Lee Byung-hun is brought out in full swaggering cream-suited splendor for an extensive cameo.

Western audiences will undoubtedly recognize Lee for his work in ‘The Magnificent Seven’ as well as the ‘G.I. Joe’ and ‘Terminator’ movie franchises. Five of his films in South Korea have all made the list for the highest grossing films of all time in the nation: Joint Security AreaThe Good, the Bad, the WeirdMasqueradeInside Men and Master. (You can stream part of his filmography right here on AsianCrush!)

Lee stands out in suave, stoic seriousness compared to the delightfully quirky Psy–there are actually several moments throughout the video where he just stands in immaculate splendor.  Still, he gets in a couple lyrics and smooth dance moves. It’s a wonderful surprise for all. And at 46, (actually seven years Psy’s senior), it doesn’t look like Lee’s youthful glow is going anywhere anytime soon.

PSY and Lee Byung-hun

For other lovers of all things Asian and viral, the Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen performer, Pikotaro also makes a fun cameo.

With “I Luv It” Psy continues to show the world that he and his friends are true masters of viral, musical extravagance!

Source: Official PSY Youtube