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Captain Shang Was Written Out Of Disney’s Live-Action MULAN & People Are Not Happy

Otter Lee April 18, 2018 April 18th, 2018

Fans of the original Mulan animated movie looking to see their favorite thirst trap Captain Li Shang brought to life in Disney’s live action adaptation may have to find a new hunk. Based on the recent casting news of Donnie Yen playing Mulan’s mentor Commander Tung and new information regarding Mulan’s love interest, Captain Shang like the original songs that made the animated musical a hit, appears to have been adapted out.

Other changes to the source material include the addition of Mulan’s sister as a supporting character as well as the replacement of the antagonist, Hun leader Shan Yu, with a sinister sorceress to be played by Gong Li.

Shang will be replaced by the character of Chen Honghu, a fellow soldier in the army who bitterly competes with Mulan to be the top recruit before falling in love with her upon realizing her true gender.

LBGTQIA fans and their allies are particularly dismayed because they viewed Captain Shang as something of a bisexual/pansexual icon because he falls in love with Mulan whilst she is still disguised as a man.  They argue that his love transcending gender and sexuality norms was a big part of what made his character compelling. Disney’s live-action Beauty and the Beast found itself embroiled in the midst of controversy for including a gay character named LeFou in the supporting cast.

Women and men around the world also mourned the loss of their animated childhood crush. Some even claimed they would boycott the movie because of all the changes.

While Mulan promises to have a huge amount of Asian representation within its cast, fans of the original cartoon look to be losing interest rapidly.

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