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BTS Album Receives First Grammy Nomination

Otter Lee December 10, 2018 December 10th, 2018

BTS just got its first taste of a potential Grammy, though the honor is not for singing, songwriting, or dancing.

BTS’ album, Love Yourself: Tear’s received a nomination for Best Recording Package. Love Yourself: Tear will be competing in the category against St. Vincent’s Masseduction, Mitski’s Be the Cowboy, The Chairman’s The Offering and Foxhole’s Well Kept Thing. The album previously hit Billboard’s #1 spot on the famous Billboard 200 list in May.

Last year’s winner featured a rare tie between the art directors of Father John Misty’s Pure Comedy (Deluxe) album (Sasha Barr, Ed Steed and Josh Tillman) and Magín Díaz’s El Orisha de la Rosa albumarlos Dussan, Juliana Jaramillo, Juan Martinez & Claudio Roncoli).

In keeping with tradition, it is the art directors and not the band who are presented with the award.

Love Yourself: Tear’s art direction is credited to ​HuskyFox, a South Korean branding company who aims to “build a relationship between brands and users by creating an identity through brand languages and visual elements to experience design.”

The album comes in multiple versions with different concept art and photo cards that diehard fans have strived to collect. Its sleek, minimalistic design is coupled with the adorably sulky and brooding expressions of the heartbroken BTS boys.

BTS might not have been nominated for any performance category, but their inclusion at all in an awards show often restricted by tradition, is being hailed as a revolutionary step forward, both for the bad and the genre of K-Pop!

K-Pop’s popularity and mass marketability around the world can no longer be ignored or denied! That kind of love can’t be faked!

And for those of you who need a reminder that BTS’ vocals and choreo are at the top of their game, check out the official Fake Love music video. I don’t know anyone who could look that good dancing with explosions and flooded dams!


Via Billboard