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Beloved Japanese Actor Takayuki Yamada To Help Measure Busts At Tokyo Bra Fitting Event

Katie Cannon May 16, 2018 May 16th, 2018

Anyone with a celebrity crush has dreamt of what might happen if you ever met them face-to-face; in naughtier fantasies, this dream interaction may have even involved boob-touching. Unless you’ve harboring some pretty weird kinks, however, it probably didn’t involve whipping out the measuring tape to you help you find your best fit for a supportive bra. Nonetheless, that is the oddly specific fantasy that famous Japanese actor and singer Takayuki Yamada (DENSHA OTOKO, GANTZ, MONSTERZ)  is bringing to life this weekend.

Per Sora News 24, Takayuki will be “earnestly measuring the bust size of customers in succession” for a campaign event promoting Co-Medical’s line of Funwari Room bras.

Anyone is welcome to drop by to have their bust measurements by Yamada this coming Saturday from 10:30 AM to 5 PM–even men, provided they are accompanied by at least one woman. And while Yamada will only be taking band measurements (at the ribcage underneath the breasts, rather than the round-the-nips measurement necessary to find cup size–that part you have to do yourself prior to the event) the advertisement still warns that “breasts may be touched inadvertently during the measuring process.” Shyer customers still looking for one-on-one interaction with Yamada can instead get his input on which shade they should choose.

This is fanservice in the most literal sense.

Interestingly enough,  Funwari room bras aren’t sexy lingerie, but just basic wireless, wear-around-the-house pieces; but I imagine any undies picked out with input from your favorite actor probably feel hella special. Imagine: waking up in the morning, putting on your bra and remembering that one time a celebrity kinda copped a feel but it was actually totally classy and professional.

After getting measured, customers can buy their bra, complete with a bag signed by Takayuki.

While people were intitally skeptical about Takayuki, famous for his roles in Blockbuster hits like DENSHA OTOKO and MONSTERZ, and his choice to participate in such a tittilating campaign, overall the tide of public opinion on the event seems to have turned in his favor.

Via Sora News 24