Beef, Lust, Bullying, Memes: Your Guide To All The Drama Surrounding Pyeongchang's Asian Olympians | AsianCrush

Beef, Lust, Bullying, Memes: Your Guide To All The Drama Surrounding Pyeongchang’s Asian Olympians

Katie Cannon February 23, 2018 February 23rd, 2018

The news cycle for the Olympics this year has been wild–particularly amongst the Asian athletes. Here’s a handy run-down of the juiciest tidbits from the Pyeongchang Winter Games. 

Haters Gonna Get Hate

You know the shit is serious when South Koreans are demanding their own athletes be banned from competing. When Korean speedskater Noh Seon-yeong was shamed by her teammates after falling behind in the race, leading to Korea coming in seventh place (and thus losing a spot in the finals), netizens leapt to her defense to call the team members out for bullying.

“We were skating well,” Kim Bo-reum reportedly said in the post-race interview.“But the last skater (Noh) couldn’t keep up and we had a disappointing score.” Then Park Ji-woo chimed in with this gem of a comment, the epitome of “wtf is that supposed to mean”: “It wasn’t that we didn’t think this would happen with Sun-yeong… ”

Fucking ouch. Noh was seen crying after the race–her teammates ignored her while their coach comforted her.

The backlash was swift and brutal, with Koreans starting a petition that night to have Kim and Park booted off the team. By morning, it had 222,000 signatures. Kim has since shut down her Instagram account, and been dropped by her sponsor for contract renewal. She issued an apology later, but the Internet doesn’t forget.

 Neither does China.

Chinese fans and media outlets are foaming at the mouth over their country’s disqualification from the women’s 3,000 metre short-track  speed-skating relay final, in which South Korea took the gold. China was reportedly penalized for skater Fan Kexin’s illegal blocking of South Korean competitor Choi Min-jeong; meanwhile, Canada was also disqualified for a foul–a foul that Chinese broadcasting station CCTV argued the Korean team had committed themselves, but, ~conveniently~ without any consequences. The International Skating Union said they would offer no further comment on China’s elimination, netizens are calling for SK to be banned from hosting banned international events. Even the Olympians themselves are throwing shade: Chinese skater Zhou Yang told reporters, “We are blessed to have the next Olympics in Beijing. The Beijing Olympics will definitely be fair, most definitely.”

Basically, China’s got major beef with Korea, and is looking for “revenge.” Yikes.

Speaking of beef:

“Steak” is apparently the nickname of the one of the four iconic Kims on South Korea’s women’s curling team, currently going viral as the “Garlic Girls” even as they unexpectedly dominate their event.

Since having four Kims on the same team can admittedly get confusing, the players created nicknames for themselves based on their favorite foods–hence monikers like “Steak,” “Pancake,” “Yogurt,” “Cookie,” and “Sunny.” (Damn, now I’m hungry.) Collectively, they’re the “Garlic Girls,” so-called for their shared hometown of Uiseong in the Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, a region best known for producing the pungent plant.

Despite this being only the second-ever Olympics Korea’s competed in the curling event, they’re poised to take the gold; but at this point, they’re not just potential champions, but internet sensations. The team’s leader, Eun-jeung “Annie/Pancake” Kim, is getting love across social media for her highly-memeable game face and stylish specs–even Time called her “possibly the coolest curler to ever curl.” But while adoration for the Garlic Girls is pure and wholesome, the same can’t be said for all Olympians.

Yuzuru and the MILFS

More internet shame ensues as horny comments from middle-aged women about Japanese Olympic figure skating gold-medalist Yuzuru Hanyu have resurfaced on Twitter. The statements were published in women’s mag Shukan Josei 3 years ago, when Hanyu was just 20 years old. As translated by SoraNews 24, one 41-year-old housewife apparently said she wanted to “comfort and heal him in the way an older person can”; meanwhile, a 47-year-old civil servant claimed she wanted  “to teach Yuzu-kun all sorts of things.”

You can just hear the eyebrow waggle.

The original tweet exposing the lewd remarks over 30,000 likes and sparked a discussion amongst fans. Although Twitter user @hiro-tyun’s original claim that “There’d be a huge commotion if you switched the genders around and had 41 and 47-year-old men saying that about a 20-year-old woman” was largely echoed, there was also a sizeable contention that didn’t see a problem with it–or did acknowledge the creepiness, but couldn’t deny they felt the same way as the quoted women.

It’s not just the athletes that get thirsty while they’re competing, I guess.