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Batman’s #1 Fan Turned His 50,000-piece Collection into a Museum in Thailand

Staff Writer July 29, 2016 July 29th, 2016

Somchai Nitimongkalchai from Thailand went to see the film BATMAN BEGINS in 2005 and his life was forever changed.

He was so blown away by the movie and the character that he became hooked instantly. Unlike other superheroes, like Spiderman and Superman, Batman was more relatable to Somchai because he is a real human being. No supernatural powers necessary.

From a LEGO-replica of Gotham City to even his own Batmobile, Somchai just about has every imaginable collectible that relates to his favorite superhero. Somchai’s first piece was a ceramic Batman piggy bank, but now has expanded to over 50,000 pieces. The collection is now stored in a 400-square-meter shop that Somchai calls the Batcat Museum.

To diversify the museum, Somchai also includes other superhero memorabilia, including Spiderman, Superman, Indiana Jones, James Bond, the Hulk, and even Disney and Pixar characters.

The museum also has a cafe and gift shop where visitors can purchase souvenirs including shirts, watches, and figurines.

Meanwhile, Somchai has big plans while he continues to expand his collection. He states, “I’m thinking that in about 20 years, I can make it the largest Batman collection ever sold at an auction.”

Source: RocketNews24

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