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BAE Doona, HA Jung-woo to Star in New Thriller

Katie Cannon December 16, 2015 September 27th, 2017

KIM Seong-hun’s upcoming thriller TUNNEL will star BAE Doona (CLOUD ATLAS, SENSE 8), HA Jung-woo (ASSASSINATION) and apparently—excellent cell service.

The suspenseful character drama, based on SO Jae-won’s 2013 novel of the same name, centers on one man’s struggle to stay alive and stay connected when, while on the way his daughter’s birthday party, a tunnel collapses around his car and leaves him trapped inside. His sole lifeline is his cell phone, and the man on the other end—the captain of the rescue squad.

Can you hear me now? Good.

Can you hear me now? Good.

HA Jung-woo portrays the tragic tunnel-dwelling victim of shoddy infrastructure, with OH Dal-su in the role of rescue worker and BAE Doo-na as HA’s worried wife. It’s been a huge year for the entire cast: HA comes to TUNNEL fresh from the wildly successful summer hit ASSASSINATION, as does OH, who also held supporting roles in VETERAN and ODE TO MY FATHER—the three highest-grossing Korean box-office hits of the year, each attracting more than 10 million movie-goers nationally. BAE, on the other hand, is in the midst of making a name for herself in Hollywood with recent turns in JUPITER ASCENDING, CLOUD ATLAS and Netflix original series SENSE8.

The film is the third effort from director KIM Seong-hun, who won major acclaim for 2014’s crime thriller A HARD DAY. TUNNEL’s premise promises intense psychological turmoil, complex character dynamics, and a lot of dark, moody closeups. With such awesome talent on its roster, the film’s sure to deliver something grand—if slightly claustrophobic.

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