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Australian Writer’s Adorable IRL Keanu Story Pretty Much Sums Up Why We’re All Obsessed With Him

Otter Lee June 12, 2019 August 20th, 2019

John Wick 3 along with Asian rom com Always Be My Maybe have kept the Canadian-American, part-Asian (Chinese-Hawaiian through his grandmother) movie star Keanu Reeves a clear part of our collective consciousness. The 54-year-old entertainer looks great, despite a career spanning decades and a viral meme depicting his introspective sadness in 2010.

Now, as Keanu continues to shine, fans and netizens around the world are opening up about the times they got to know him, and the general consensus seems to be that he is a cool, down-to-earth guy.

Australian author and comedian Rosie Waterland was a university student working the premiere of Street Kings in 2008. While the crime thriller in which Keanu plays a detective was not well received, Waterland has nothing but glowing praise for the actor.

As a low level employee working an event, Waterland was told she could lose her job if she interacted with any of the film stars.

It was a big deal that Keanu came all the way to Australia to support the film.

Waterland also remembers all the Australian faux celebrities that were rude to her that night. She says that many demonstrated pushy behavior and demanded front row seats despite not having tickets for the event.

Still, she can’t forget what happened when she met Keanu. She was surprised by his humbleness, warmth, and basic human decency towards her, despite her lower status. Keanu was undoubtedly the most famous person at the screening, but still took a moment to reach out and communicate with Waterland.

A decade later, Waterland’s fortunes have changed immensely and she is now a bestselling author with tens of thousands of Twitter followers. Her experience with Keanu stayed with her and filled her with hope and inspiration.

Just another reminder that Keanu Reeves is a cool, chill fellow who deserves the stanning he gets!