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‘Attack on Titan’ Just Got a Whole Lot Funnier

Tim Rousseau April 26, 2016 April 26th, 2016

Maybe instead of killing them all, Eren should just try to get to know the titans a little better.¬†At least, that may work based on these pictures of Universal Studio Japan’s ATTACK ON TITAN attraction.

The attraction features a titan shoving it’s head through a replica of one of the walls from the anime and manga. Twitter user @4rnyn has shared some pictures of what the body attached to the head may look like. Because the head is so low to the ground, the hypothetical figure must be doing some comedic contortions as rendered in the following pictures.

titan catapult

The latest in Titan catapult technology.


Lazing on a sunny afternoon.


“Hidey ho, neighbor!”

But, these renderings assume normal, adult human proportions. What happens when those proportions get thrown out the window? Well, then you get some of these beauties.


Like a diglett with limbs.

monster's inc

Imagine this guy coming out of your closet.

The other option is that there is a deep trench or moat on the other side of the wall, but what fun is that?



Photo Credit – Twitter User Yun

Source – Rocket News

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