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Asian Mom Terrorizes Campus Trying To Find Her Son A Girlfriend

Otter Lee February 14, 2019 August 20th, 2019

Why don’t you have a girlfriend yet? I want grandchildren! After being told not to date in high school for the sake of their academics, many Asian students are often urged by their parents to quickly partner up and start families.

An Asian mom’s unflappable quest to find a partner for her son has rocked and startled the Towson University community. Famed for training teachers, the Maryland institution appears to have a teachable moment in mind for the middle aged woman.

The scarf-and-striped-sweater wearing Asian mother has apparently been a source of embarrassment and harassment for students on campus (and probably her family too). Prowling Towson’s  Cook Library and Center For the Arts, she has presented multiple women with a photo of her son on her cellphone and beseeched them to date him. With Valentine’s Day soon approaching, she clearly thought it best to take matters into her own hands.

A formal incident advisory and report have been filed by university authorities, who declared “This advisory is intended to heighten awareness and inform the community of incidents that may impact their safety and security.”

Campus police don’t intend to arrest the woman or press charges, but after multiple complaints from female students, they are just hoping that the matchmaking mama can give herself and everyone else a break.

It’s not known whether or not the man in question is a student at the university.

They are urging anyone with identifying information about the mother and son to come forward and contact the Towson University Police number at 410-704-4444.. They even provided surveillance photos of the mom.

The incident has gone viral across the Internet, trending with thousands of reactions on Asian meme group, Subtle Asian Traits.

With a mom like that, no wonder he’s had such a hard time  finding a girlfriend!

Via The Baltimore Son