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Artist Uses Objects from Miyazaki Films, to Create Expressive Movie Posters

Gina Ginsberg March 2, 2017 March 30th, 2017

Jordan Bolton brings movie sets alive with detailed, 3D posters of recreated props. In his poster series Objects, the items speak the screenplay and characters in poster form. Earlier work includes items assembled to reproduce posters of Pulp Fiction, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and Her.   

Bolton’s latest posters are from Hayao Miyazaki films which explore a different side of storytelling from the detailed animation behind Miyazaki films. While the other posters are life-sized, these are miniature and include symbolic objects important to the narrative as well as physical items seen on screen.  Bolton is attracted to the color palette of the background objects, and what type of symbols are used to aid to the beautiful simplicity of films like and  Spirited Away and Princess of Mononoke. 

Molded chopsticks, shoes, and the eerie “no face” mask, are a few examples out of the 100 compiled objects for each piece which are each positioned on a sheet of A2 paper.

Bolton says he has more artistic control with the smaller posters by not needing ladders to navigate the canvas. “When I used to make them in life-size,” I would never be able to see the entire poster at once Whereas now, I’m doing them in miniature, and I am able to see the entire poster while I make the arrangement, which has led to a much better control of the overall design.”

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