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And the Blue Dragon Korean Movies of the Year Are…

Staff Writer December 2, 2015 August 16th, 2017 Korean movies

The Annual Film Awards Give ASSASSINATION Top Honors

Love ’em, hate ’em, or generally indifferent to ’em, season-endings awards ceremonies are a touchstone of film industries worldwide. In the realm of Korean movies, the annual Blue Dragon Film Awards represents a platform for film industry figures to celebrate their favorite works of the year.

On November 26, the 2015 event went down. The ceremony, which took place at Seoul’s Kyung Hee University, was emceed by HAHAHA star Yoo Jun-sang, alongside Kim Hye-soo (COIN LOCKER GIRL). Here are some of the Awards’ biggest winners, as reported by the Yonhap News Agency.

Best Picture
South Korea’s number two box-office hit of 2015 (per Box Office Mojo), ASSASSINATION took home the Blue Dragon’s grand prize. The back-in-time action flick stars Korean movie superstars Jun Ji-hyun, Lee Jung-jae, and Ha Jung-woo as a sniper, a gun smuggler, and an explosives maestro in 1930s Manchuria. With its historical milieu and big-budget appeal, ASSASSINATION has not only put fans in the seats, but now has some hometown hardware, too.

Best Director
Ryoo Seung-wan, VETERAN
ASSASSINATION was, by any measure, a big hit in 2015… but VETERAN did it even bigger. From before its release, this cops ‘n’ millionaire robbers yarn had fans of Korean movies buzzing. When it hit shores in early August, the film, starring Hwang Jung-min and Yoo Ah-in, didn’t disappoint. For his efforts, director Ryoo Seung-wan took home home his second Blue Dragon directing trophy, after 2011’s THE UNJUST.

Best Actor
Recently, we reported on THE THRONE being named the best film of 2015 by the Korean Film Critics Association. The historical drama’s success has kept rolling, with star Yoo Ah-in taking home Best Actor for his role as the doomed Crown Prince Sado. By the way, did we mention Yoo starred in VETERAN? This guy is going places.

Best Actress
An international star, both for her work in Korean movies and K-Pop career, Lee Jung-hyun was awarded Best Actress at the 2015 Blue Dragon awards for her role in offbeat comedy ALICE IN EARNESTLAND. Lee stars as a woman on the edge of financial destruction who resorts to vengeance, while her husband lies in a vegetative state. And get this: it’s a comedy.

Best Supporting Actor
With roles in both VETERAN and ASSASSINATION, Oh Dal-su performed in 2015’s two biggest Korean movies. Yet he ended up taking home Best Supporting Actor for another big film, the historical epic ODE TO MY FATHER. Oh stars as Dal-goo, the lifelong best buddy of Yoon (Hwang Jung-min), in a film that traverses several decades of twentieth century Korean history.

Best Supporting Actress
Jeon Hye-jin, THE THRONE
For her performance as Yeongbin Lady Lee, Jeon Hye-jin added another trophy to THE THRONE’s growing shelf of accolades. The veteran actress (HAPPY FUNERAL DIRECTOR, SHADOWS IN THE PALACE) took home her first Blue Dragon trophy for the role, playing a concubine whose son faces a horrific fate.

Best Screenplay
Kim Sung-je and Son A-ram, MINORITY OPINION
If you haven’t been able to yet discern, genre terms like “historical” and “epic” tend to get awards ceremonies quite fired up, right alongside “real life stories.” For the latter, enter MINORITY OPINION, a drama straight from the newspapers. The film is based on the events of 2009’s Yongsan tragedy, where protestors and police violently clashed in the city over urban redevelopment, leading to brutal tragedy. OPINION follows the aftermath of the event, as an investigation examines the blurry ethical lines of the Korean legal system.

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